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    OKeanos Tech. Co. Ltd., founded in 2006 and registered at Beijing Biological Engineering and Medicine Industrial Base, is a developing high-tech private enterprise. 
The main business scope of OKeanos includes special biochemical reagents used in life science and custom synthesis and manufacture of pharmaceutical intermediates. The main products are modified nucleotides,unnatural amino acids, heterocycle and fluorescent and labeling reagents.  OKeanos has been offering hundreds of chemical compounds, pharmaceutical intermediates to the world-famous pharmaceutical companies, such as Pfizer, P&G and Novartis, etc and enjoys a good reputation from the customers. In addition, OKeanos has established long-term scientific research collaboration with Harvard University, Standford University, Washington University and other renowned research institutes in the industry. 
     The most important human resources of OKeanos are the strong technique experts in organic chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry and chemical engineering from Peking University, Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Science and other famous research institutes. 
     The R&D center has now possessed standard laboratories with 1,000 square meters above in size, 50 fume cupboards of 1.8 meters high, 8 floor-type fume cupboards, an administrative office with the area of more than 300 square meters, a 150-square-meter warehouse, as well as a complete set of instruments for organic synthesis and analysis. 
     Technological innovation, upgrading of R&D ability and perfection of service system is being persistently pursued in. More than 80 patents have been applied during past years. OKeanos is full of belief to be a world’s leading R&D institute and manufacturer in fine chemicals industry.