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       Custom service is also a main business of our company. In addition to all the products that listed in the catalogue of our company, we can also provide you the custom synthesis service according to your needs. Our order can range from milligrams to kilograms. Our R&D team include famous doctor, master, etc. from Beijing university, fudan university, at the same time  relying on these expert consultants of organic chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, chemical industry as the technical backing of enterprises. We have the strict custom process and quality control system, which can provide customers with a R-D-P service.

1. Custom products are as follow:

2. Confidentiality agreement
      Integrity is the most valuable asset between our and with customers. We sign the confidentiality agreement with customers and researchers before starting the experiment and research, and also provide literature retrieval, synthetic route design, synthesis, analysis, and other services in strict accordance with the confidentiality agreement, to provide the target compound in the shortest time to customers, all customized products are not open to the public.

3. Quality control 
With excellent R&D team, advanced analytical instruments and rich practical experience, strict quality control system ensures the quality of each batch of products can meets the requirements of customers

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